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Commemorative Bench

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Happy memories around the resort

With its beautiful location and opportunities for relaxing with friends and family, Pitmilly is a popular place for making special memories. Many of our customers particularly enjoy the peace and quiet of our nature trails, where they can watch out for all kinds of wildlife and appreciate the wide variety of trees and plants that have grown and multiplied over the years.

There are a number of benches along the paths, where one can just sit and listen to the birdsong or wait for a deer to venture out, and regular visitors may have noticed a new bench which has been placed at the north end of our property, beyond the indoor activity centre. This was provided by the family of Lesley Gray, who wanted to commemorate her life. We are grateful to her niece Vaila Wright, who has kindly written a few words for our blog.

Remembering Lesley

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“Lesley and Yolanda visited Pitmilly since the year it opened [1990], after finding an article in the Scotsman about the new venture. They enjoyed many short breaks here along with Yolanda’s dogs over the years. They often spoke of their early morning and late night walks round the fields, searching for the wildlife - although the dogs were normally more successful at chasing rabbits out! After Yolanda passed away in 2006, Lesley continued to visit Pitmilly regularly and would often take me with her, and in later years my parents too. When visiting Pitmilly, Lesley enjoyed dips in the pool and steam room and visits to St. Andrews and the local villages, but her favourite thing was always long walks around the fields. Lesley passed away in April 2019 and we approached Pitmilly about a bench. Lesley would love others to be able to sit and enjoy the views of the fields and sea as she always did.”

We hope many others will come to experience the magic of Pitmilly.