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Weather update

The good news is that the weather for today, tomorrow and the weekend is looking positive. Thank goodness - we have had a series of deluges over the past 2 weeks. It started two weeks past Tuesday (2nd) when the weather here was positively monsoon-like. The water level in the burn rose to overflowing levels in a short space of time - Milly had to be prevented from swimming in it or she may have been washed down the burn into the Kenly and out to sea!! For the following 9 days the weather in this corner of Scotland was glorious, with blue skies, uninterrupted sunshine and little or no wind. Those of you following the Dunhill in person or on television would have seen the East Neuk of Fife at its best. For several nights the sky was spectacular with the lights of the aurora borealis on show.   

However a week ago today (11th) we had a further deluge. Roads were flooded, in some places washed away and there were landslips. It was not easy to get in or out of St Andrews until the water subsided the following day. The road from Morton of Pitmilly to the main road had a very deep 'puddle' which could not be navigated that day. Again the floods were followed by good weather. However yesterday saw further sustained rainfall from mid morning to midnight, but there were no major floods. With the forecast looking optimistic for today, tomorrow and the weekend we are keeping our fingers crossed!

And finally the last family of resident swallows departed 10 days ago. As they headed south, skeins of geese have been spotted (and heard), returning to Scotland from the north - flying over the farm, grazing in nearby fields and heading to their favourite over-wintering sites. Loch Leven is one of these places not too far from here where there is a reserve that can be visited. See