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The mystery of the left behind egg

The hens are on a bit of a go-slow in terms of egg production just now and are producing only a dozen or fewer per day. It's to do with the length of daylight hours and also to the fact that many of the new hens are moulting for the first time. They tend to eat less during this process and go off the lay until after they have shiny new feathers. At the end of last week, however, the hens had performed well and the newly laid eggs were duly placed in the basket in reception. There in the basket languished one lone egg. On closer inspection, sharp eyes noticed that there was a date stamp on it! How had that happened? Were the hens taking over quality control of their own eggs? Had it been left by a guest who did not want to carry just one egg that they had brought with them back home again? Or had it perhaps been stamped by a young person with a printing set? Any other explanations gratefully received!