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Hi - I am Milly and I live with my people at Morton of Pitmilly. I am a black labrador and I was born on 29 April 2011 - the Royal wedding day, so I am now a year old. As well as my people (Elaine and John), I share the house with Kiwi, also a black labrador, who is now 14 years old, and a black cat, Zinzan (12).

At the bottom of the garden there are hens and I have great fun chasing them when they escape from their runs. For example, this morning I spotted a speckled hen that had got out and had fun rounding her up. Elaine told me to stay and guard the hen until she could pick her up and put her back inside. I like to nudge the hens with my nose but my people don't like me to do that! I like to chase pheasants and partridges too but can never catch them.

There have been combine harvesters in the fields these past two weeks and the straw is baled and stacked up. We can walk across the fields now as well as round the trails. Good fun.

Off for a nice long walk now with Kiwi and the folks.



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