We went for a walk this afternoon, around the trail. First I rounded up a hen, then I jumped in the burn. The water went right over my head and I had to swim hard to get back to the bank. I liked it and jumped in a few more times. Then I decided to run and jump on Kiwi a few times and I got told off. She is very old (14) and does not like me leaping over her, or knocking her over. When we were nearly home, we saw a machine loading straw bales on to a lorry, which took them away. The straw is going to be used in buildings where cows live.

We also heard a strange 'mewing' noise as we walked around - I couldn't see what was making the noise, but Elaine could see a large bird way up in the sky. She said it was one of the sea eagles that live in the area. I like to chase birds but I couldn't chase this one. No fun.


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