More adventures

I have been having really good fun since I last wrote in my blog. A few days have been very rainy and there has been a lot of water in the fields and in the burn. It is great fun to run through the puddles and to swim in the burn although I was a bit scared that I might not be able to get out again but I managed.

For the past two days John has been working in the polytunnels - planting up pots with flowers for the winter. He lets me stay with him and run around outside. I keep an eye on the hens and I dig holes in the earth. Sometimes I play with children who are staying with us. I have to be good and remember not to jump up or be too lively. Not everyone likes dogs, John says. I can't imagine why not. 

Now that I can sit quietly in the footwell of Elaine's car I have been travelling into town quite a lot recently. I visit Aunt Isabel in St Andrews some days and other times I sit quietly while Elaine goes to the bank or puts diesel in the car. I love going out in the car and I jump in as soon as the door is opened but I don't always get to go. I have to go back into the house again.


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