Last week

Hello! I had a great week. One day I startled a deer (I was pretty startled too!) and chased it for miles through the woods. Didn't catch it. The next day I put up a whole family of partridges and tried to catch them - no luck, and just after that I put up a pheasant but it flew away too quickly for me to get it. Every day I have to round up one very silly hen that escapes from the run. I stand over her till one of the people comes along to pick her up. She likes that, she makes a happy noise. Sometimes I try to pick her up and carry her but the people get very cross about that. Elaine and John are very concerned about the ash trees and keep looking at them when we are out. 

Elaine slipped on the stairs the other day and twisted her ankle so she is not allowed to go out walking or to play tennis until it gets better. She has to sit with her leg up and with ice on her foot. I have been keeping her company and so has the cat. I don't like the cat to have her head stroked so I nudge her with my nose. She isn't frightened of me and doesn't run off. Sometimes she hisses and tries to scratch me. It's a good game.


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