Hot dog and chicks

Hello! What lovely weather we are having. Just wanted to tell you what happened last week. Elaine had put 2 broody hens (John calls them cloakers) in the small hen house with lots of eggs and last Tuesday there was great excitement when 2 of the eggs broke open and 2 little chicks wobbled out. By Thursday there were 8 chicks - all different colours from pale yellow to black to cream with brown stripes! By Saturday they were running around and trying to get out of the house SO John and Kevin (Mike's replacement) built a fence in the green house and the two hens and all the chicks are in there now. The chicks eat loads of crumbs and leaves and sleep tucked under the 2 'mums'. I rush down to the greenhouse and look at them through the window!! Gives them a real fright! I love it. Soon they are all going back into the small hen house - when the chicks are big enough to go up and down the ramp to the outside.


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