Happy new year!

Happy New Year, everyone. Hope you had a good Christmas. I did. I also had a couple of adventures that were not so good. One morning at breakfast (people's breakfast with lots of talking and reading of newspapers) everyone was very upset to see that I had hurt my nose. It was apparently no longer as black as usual and there was a lot of chat about what had happened to it. I am not exactly sure myself but I do know that my nose got very close to the wood burner the day before and it did hurt a bit. However, later that day I was lying very close to the fan heater in the kitchen when I felt a zap. My wet nose had got too close to the fire. Anyway the good news is that my nose is recovering.

My next adventure was very good at the time but not so good the next day. Elaine had some Christmas leftovers in the kitchen to cool down. She had shut the kitchen door so that I could not get near it BUT Eilidh went through the kitchen to get some beer, left the door open and I gobbled up all that was left that I could reach - quite a lot. It tasted amazing and I was very happy. The next day I didn't feel too good and later on I was sick. Everyone examined the evidence and decided it was Christmas pudding - no one had noticed that it had disappeared. Probably thought Uncle Dave had eaten it! He has a very good appetite. We all know now that Christmas pudding is not good for dogs. I wonder if I will remember next time.


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