Getting lost

John took me for a walk yesterday and I ran for miles after a hare. I thought John had got lost but after a while I found him. He was very happy to see me. Today both John and Elaine walked with me and I was careful not to run too far away in case I lost them. We heard a buzzard but we didn't see it; then we heard a wren - it sounded very angry - and then we saw it fly into a bush. We saw two other people walking round the trail with poles and Elaine and John waved to them. It's very strange but my people like to kick the leaves on the ground so that they make a rustling noise. They seem to like it. We all had to stop every so often to look at some trees - they were ash trees. We need to know where they are in case they get ill. If they get ill, we have to cut them down and burn them. John does not know how we would be able to burn 'wet wood'. Neither do I but it's not my problem. We have thousands of ash trees on the farm! It would be a big bonfire!


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