Have just been out for a long walk - it was lovely and sunny and lots of exciting things happened! First of all I rounded up a speckly hen that had escaped. Then we found a big branch that had fallen off a tree beside the burn. When Elaine was moving it off the path, I found a very interesting thing just at the edge of a stubble field. It was definitely a bird but it wasn't moving so I poked it with my nose a bit. Then Elaine came over and picked it up and looked at it all over. She said it was a young buzzard and that it was dead. It hadn't been shot or hurt in any way. I must have looked as though I wanted to examine it a bit more (or chew it) because Elaine threw it right over the burn and into a field on the other side so I couldn't get at it. She is very boring! But she did give me a treat for being a good dog. After that we saw a great big green tractor in one of our fields - it had a long arm on it and it was cutting the sides of the hedges. Lots of little birds were flying out of the hedges and twittering. Too much excitement for a small dog. It's time for a sleep now.


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