Strange goings-on

Hello again! Strange goings-on here yesterday just after Elaine went off to play tennis. First, our dining table and chairs disappeared - Mike and John took them out through the conservatory and put them in the trailer. I thought Elaine would be very cross when she came back and found that they had been thrown away, but she wasn't. Weird. Anyway I watched from the kitchen window and from the stair windows and I saw that the table and chairs were on the grass in front of The Steading. The really bizarre bit was that John, Mike, Janet and Catherine were all dressed up and sitting around the table, having their photos taken. And Eilidh was taking photos of the people taking photos! Next I spotted a bed with all its covers sitting in the middle of a field. First John was sitting on the bed then Mike was sleeping on it - very odd as they both had smart clothes and wellies on. I really don't know what was going on and neither did the hens because the next thing was that Mike was sitting on a chair in their run reading a paper with the hens running around at this feet. The photographers were very busy so if I were you I would watch out for some very peculiar photos on our website! I will keep an eye out for any more strange happenings and let you know. 


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