Elaine has been cutting the grass on the trails and you should hear the stories she has to tell us at lunch time. She reckons that there are loads of different smells around the trails - I could have told her that what with all the different birds, and the deer, rabbits, and hares. Eilidh reckons she can smell where the deer have been sleeping. I think that is very weird: after all she is not a dog. Anyway Elaine can smell the different flowers and trees. She says that the wild apples, pears and laburnum smell sweet as do the wild roses, but not many of the roses are out yet. The rowan and hornbeam trees have rather pungent (??) smelling flowers, the snowberry smells 'hot' and the comfrey 'dusty'. She says the monkey flowers are out around the burnside but she can't get close enough to see if they smell good or bad. She also does bird watching when she is out on the tractor. There is a brood of blue tits in a nest box with about 8-9 babies. They are getting bigger every day and will no doubt be flying away soon. I can't see them but I can see the swallows in the pend. Off for a walk right now! Yippee!


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