In charge....

Hello - it's been quite a while since I posted any news. That's because Elaine and John went off to Italy and because I am a dog I can't write my own blog. They left me in charge of everything, including Eilidh, but she was so busy that she couldn't write about what I did either. Anyway I went for lots of walks, with Mike and Janet some days. One day Eilidh took me to the beach and I had great fun playing with other dogs. I was very pleased when Elaine and John came home and gave them a great welcome! 

Our house is a real tip at the moment. We have builders in and everything is messy and dusty. Stoory is the right word, I think. Anyway my bed is no longer in the kitchen because it is stripped out. I sleep in the hall instead which is good because I can hear the alarm go off and Elaine and John getting up. I race upstairs to say hello. They really like that. To begin with I did sometimes go upstairs in the middle of the night but was sent back to bed so now I know to wait until 6.50!! It's OK to be lively and interested then. 

Ronnie, the joiner, and his mates sit on the kitchen floor to eat their breakfast and lunch and leave boxes or even better, paper bags of food lying around. I like to check out whether there is anything really tasty and sometimes I have been lucky. Mostly I am told off!

I go out in the car with Elaine quite a lot just now - because of the messy house situation - and sometimes we go into St Andrews. I have not learned how to behave in town yet (because I am a country dog) so I usually stay in the car when Elaine is shopping and watch the world go by. We also go to visit Elaine's aunt and that is exciting. She lives in a flat and I get to race upstairs and wait for her to open the door. She a lovely fire and a soft white rug where I can lie and sleep. Heaven. I think she would like me to stay with her but she wouldn't be able to take me out for walks because she is old and has a stick.


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