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A perfect Pit stop from life

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Families will enjoy an idyllic getaway that offers plenty for the little ones while giving busy parents a chance to relax

BY SCOTT McDERMOTT (Daily Record 27.05.23)

Let’s start this travel review on a positive note.  Morton of Pitmilly’s Wifi isn’t great.

   And any parent who is fed up seeing their kids faces glued to a screen will know exactly what I mean by that.

   It’s so easy to get into a rut these days.  The stresses of work and family life can take its toll.

   Sometimes it feels like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

   So let’s be honest, when they’re on a phone or iPad, it might be the only time you get a break. 

   That’s why Morton of Pitmilly is a God-send.

   This golden, magical plot of land in Kingsbarns, just outside St Andrews, restores your faith in life itself.

   And crucially, it allows you to take a breather and recharge before going back to the madness.

   The problem with being at home in 2023 is that children have no freedom. Whether that’s the parents’ fault or a symptom of modern society is up for debate.

   But its not like 30 year ago.  When children were given licence to roam and play on the streets.

   It just doesn’t happen any more.  Devlish devices have taken over.

   So picture this scene.  At Morton of Pitmilly, you can leave your door open and let them loose. 

   They can bounce to their heart’s content on the trampoline at the play park.  They can have a kick about on the football pitch.  Have fun on the putting green.  Go to the games room and play tennis, pool, snooker, table tennis, or air hockey.  If they fancy getting in touch with nature, they can even feed the hens or plant their own fruit and veg –

Something Pitmilly is focused on for the future. 

   And the most beautiful part of it all?  You don’t have to spend a second worry about them. 

   You can sit, take a deep breath and relax.  Gin and tonics are optional, of course.  This resort is a little piece of heaven.  It’s escapism at it finest. 

   In what feels like the middle of nowhere, old farm buildings have been transformed into stunning self-catering accommodation.  Ours, The Stables, had three bedrooms, was spacious, luxurious – and a stone’s throw from that play-park. 

   Oh, and about a 10 yard walk from the indoor swimming pool.  And again, this is where Morton of Pitmilly is different. 

   At other holiday parks, going swimming can be more stressful than back home.  Not here.  Each family gets a 50-minure slot on their own every day.  The pool, steam room and sauna all to yourselves. 

   In the space of 48 hours, my oldest daughter Grace had taught her little sister Elise how to swim underwater.  A precious family moment we might not have got elsewhere.

   If you need to venture out, you’re on the cusp of that Fife coastal route with St Andrews, Crail, Anstruther and Elie on your doorstep.  But you don’t need to go anywhere.  At night, the resort has started to put on pop-up food events for guests and locals. 

   Imagine it.  Sitting at the fire-pits with a cold beer and a burger, while the kids come and go.  For working families on a getaway, you can’t beat that. 

   And for a few days at least, you needs WiFi anyway?